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Windshield Replacement

See the World Clearly Again

You’ve had it patched and repaired but the newest crack is beyond repair.  The distraction caused by this newest crack and the potential for a complete breakdown of the glass has left you with no choice but to consider windshield replacement.  Our team at Fairlane will always assess your windshield with the hope that it can be repaired first.  Our experienced staff are not motivated to replace your windshield unnecessarily; your safety and those of your passengers is our first priority and we’ll let you know honestly if replacement is required.

Your vehicle’s windshield is your window to the world.  You want to, and need to, see clearly through it.  Your safety and the safety of those who drive with you and drive around you, depends on it.  Dozens of distractions and hazards are in front of you every day while driving.  A cracked windshield in need of replacement shouldn’t be one of them. It is something you can fix by booking with Fairlane Collision today.  If you need a windshield replacement, don’t delay.  The consequences of waiting until it’s more convenient can be serious.

We all know that beauty isn’t just skin deep and that there’s much more to a mechanically sound vehicle that its shiny paint or glistening windshield.  But even still, a cracked windshield that goes without replacement doesn’t give the impression of safety and integrity.  It conveys the opposite.  The client you are meeting for lunch, the boss you’re picking up from the airport or the colleague you are driving to work, are all wondering the same thing.  “Why doesn’t Bill take the time to get his windshield replaced?  It’s unsafe and it’s unsightly.”  Don’t delay in booking your windshield replacement with our team at Fairlane today.  Your safety and integrity will be restored in no time.