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Autobody Repair Tips

Choose Wisely

Be confident that you have chosen wisely when you choose Fairlane for auto body repair

Ask for recommendations

We are happy to put you in touch with satisfied customers

Shop around by phone and online

Don’t just take our word for it – feel free to check us out

Ask to see licenses or certifications

We are proud of our team and their accomplishments

Try us out

We are happy to take on a small auto repair item. This gives us the opportunity to WOW you with our expertise and service and begin the building of a terrific relationship with you.

Meet our technicians

We don’t hide our technicians in the back and keep them from our clients. We are proud of them and the work they do. Come on in and meet them in person

Ask us questions

We want you to ask questions and welcome the opportunity to show you our stuff.

Get up and drive

Our technicians want to fully understand your auto repair needs. We will jump in the car with you to assess and understand the issues fully before we begin.

Protect your investment

We are happy to provide you with our detailed, written service contract and encourage you to know your own manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle. You may have come in for one specific auto body repair need, however we look beyond that item to ensure the overall safe, sound running of your vehicle. We should look beyond what you came to us for – that’s our job. Be cautious though of shops that oversell you on a laundry list of auto body repair items. They should give you options, priorities and the opportunity to ask questions. We won’t oversell you – don’t let anyone else either.

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