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Collision Repair FAQ

When making the collision repairs on my vehicle, can you match the paint colour?

Yes, our paint team at Fairlane are experts in vehicle paint – types and colour.  We take pride in our ability to carefully assess your paint’s finish and colour in making a terrific colour match.  Our team then makes sure that the correct preparation to the vehicle’s surface is made to ensure a virtually seamless and undetectable finish is applied to the repair.

Is it possible to have other service work done on my vehicle while it is in your shop for collision repair?

Absolutely!  If you have dings, chips or mechanical issues in other areas of your vehicle that are not covered by the collision repair work that are doing for you, we are more than happy to provide you with a separate estimate for that work.

Can I get a ride home when I drop off my car?

We would be happy to provide courtesy transportation to you when you drop off your vehicle for collision repair work or any work we are doing for you at Fairlane.  Likewise, when your vehicle is ready for pickup, we will come get you in order to pick-up your vehicle.

I’m paying for my vehicle repairs directly rather than going through my insurance company.  What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit for the payment of any of our services at Fairlane.

Are you an ICBC accredited facility?

In keeping with the insurance regulations within the Province of BC, we are an ICBC accredited facility and do handle ICBC claims.  We also work with all other private insurance companies that may insure your vehicle for its optional coverage and work that may be required for not only collision repair but as a result of other damage.

What are aftermarket parts and how might they be used for collision repair?

In most cases, the term aftermarket is used to describe parts that are brand new but not made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle in which these parts can be used.  Availability and cost often dictate the use of aftermarket parts in the repair of your vehicle.  Each collision repair that we do is assessed on a case-by-case basis for the use or exclusion of aftermarket parts.

Do you use new or used parts to repair my vehicle?

Each customer that comes to us for collision repair comes to us with a different perspective and different priorities.  Likewise, our approach to your collision repair is assessed individually with you.  If you are paying for the repairs yourself, you may want us to look at used or aftermarket parts to keep the cost down.  Conversely, if maintaining the value and integrity of original parts is a priority for you, we are happy to use only brand new parts from your vehicle manufacturer.

Do you guarantee the work you do on my vehicle?

At Fairlane, we are very proud of our quality promise to our clients on the work we do for you.  We promise your satisfaction on your collision repair work.

The person who hit my vehicle doesn’t want to go through insurance to take care of the collision repair, what should I do?

Protect yourself – first and foremost.  If you feel the experience of having been in an accident, no matter how minor, has been stressful and you want to ensure there are no hiccups as your vehicle gets repaired, your insurance company can be your biggest supporter and advocate.  Further, this question is answered best by reviewing your own level of comfort, safety and security.  If you choose to allow the repairs to be done outside of an insurance company, ensure that you play a part in the selection of a trusted repair facility that guarantees their work like Fairlane.  Allowing your vehicle to be repaired by the offending parties’ buddy who owns a shop may not be the soundest decision for the integrity and safety of your vehicle.

Will the parts be ordered before I drop off my vehicle for repair?

In most cases, we will assess your vehicle for repair and provide an estimate to you before we schedule the collision repair appointment.  Upon scheduling your return visit for the repair, we order all of the necessary parts so we have them in our shop before you drop off your vehicle.  We understand that parting with your vehicle for longer than necessary is an inconvenience to you and we want your turn-around time to be as short as possible while ensuring a quality repair job.