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Windshield Repair

Prevent Costly Windshield Replacements

Rock – Paper – Scissors.  Which do you choose? In the case of windshields, you wouldn’t choose a rock as the result is definitely not a win.  While it can be startling, maybe a rock to your windshield is not the end of it.  There’s hope.  Our team at Fairlane can assess the damage objectively, with years of experience, to determine if windshield repair (versus windshield replacement) is a viable option.

No matter what has hit your windshield, one thing is for certain – timing is everything.  If you don’t get it assessed by a professional and taken care of right away, it will only get worse.  Cracks or chips never disappear on their own.  They only get worse leading to a more costly and time consuming windshield repair.  If you leave the chip or crack unrepaired, it will eventually crack out.

Here’s a few reasons to consider windshield repair for that crack or chip today:

  • Protect your assets: Being able to retain your factory installed windshield ensures the integrity of its seal. Although it doesn’t completely remove the blemish of the chip or crack, it improves its appearance
  • It’s faster than you think: Your windshield repair can often be completed in 30 minutes to one hour
  • It’s environmentally friendly: If you can repair it, you’re saving our landfills from that big chunk of non-recyclable glass
  • Peace of Mind: Repairing your windshield guards against further damage in that area – keeping you and your passengers safe

At Fairlane, we use the latest techniques for windshield repair that are available in the industry today.