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Automobile Painting

Your vehicle’s paint finish is not just its pretty face.

Consider it the ultimate protective coating for your vehicle, like sunscreen is for your skin. Chips, dings and rust spots don’t just go away – they become bigger and problematic. Trust Fairlane to smooth things over, with our expert automobile painting services, while protecting your investment.

The Benefits of Automobile Painting for your vehicle are:

  • To boost its resale value – Most buyers judge a book by its cover – investing in a new paint job can seal the deal
  • To protect your investment – paint chips don’t get smaller if left unattended – they get bigger as the edges of the damage chip away and are exposed to the elements. When left unattended, these small areas are prone to rust and become more problematic
  • To enhance its cosmetic appearance – Your car can be your first chance to make a great impression as you pull up to a client meeting, a job interview or a first date. Why not put its best foot forward too? Touch ups and complete automobile painting are much less costly and time consuming than you think.
  • To protect your vehicle against environmental factors with a high quality, expertly applied, clear coat. This protects against
    • Harsh sunlight
    • Salt air
    • Acid rain
    • Even soap and cleaning products

Automobile paint is a highly specialized product and requires the skill, expertise and equipment for a smooth finish. Why choose the Fairlane professionals for automobile painting?

  • We ensure expert and careful preparation before paint is applied
  • Our in-house colour expertise takes care to ensure the best possible colour and paint finish match
  • Our skilled technicians apply an even, professional finish

We use the right tools and special equipment to do the job right – the first time