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Auto Glass Repair Tips


Here’s a few points to avoid auto glass repair before it’s needed.

Keep your distance: Rocks often get kicked up by vehicles we are following. Many glass repairs are precipitated by flying objects off of a vehicle driving in front of you. If you keep your distance when following vehicles, your reaction time is significantly improved when this does occur and gives you more opportunity to avoid the flying object.

Slow down: When travelling on a gravel road, please obey the speed limits that are posted. Your speed and navigation of a gravel road can directly impact rocks being kicked up to oncoming or following traffic.

Park safely

  • Choose a well lit or highly visible area whenever possible
  • Choose a spot with pedestrian traffic whenever possible
  • Ensure that there is nothing left visible in your vehicle – anywhere. Not in the cupholders, or the backseat. Do a complete visual check before you lock your vehicle and remove anything into a locked trunk or under a covered back cargo are. Throwing a blanket over your laptop in the backseat is not the best idea. It just advertises that there’s something under there that was worth throwing a blanket over.

Don’t Delay

Chips or cracks do not get better on their own – they need help. Come visit us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best

Report the Damage

Call your insurance carrier that holds the comprehensive portion of your policy. If need be, they will provide you with a claim number.


Your first visit will be quick to do an estimate and if replacement is required, order the parts. We want to ensure your glass repair is completed quickly so that you are without the use of your vehicle for the shortest amount of time possible.