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Our Quality Promise

1. The Boomerang Effect

If thrown correctly, a boomerang, comes back to you. At Fairlane Collision, we take aim each time a customer walks through our doors to ensure their ultimate satisfaction. This satisfaction means that the boomerang effect will be upon them and they will come back to us next time if they need to. We’ve built our long tenured quality reputation on it.

Over the course of thirty-six years in the auto body repair business, each and every customer who visits our Vancouver shop becomes important to us from the first moment we meet them. If you are a new customer to Fairlane, we are committed to earning your business. If you are a long-time customer, we are committed to keeping your business. After all, you may come to us initially by accident but we know that you’ll return to us on purpose if you need to. We’re here for you when you do.

2. We deliver

We deliver our services with quality and expertise to meet our client’s needs – not our own agendas. We know our repair work on your vehicle will be done with quality workmanship. Our repairs will stand the test of time and earn your repeat business. We know it makes good business sense to ensure your happiness not only the first time, but every time you visit.

3. You talk, we listen

We have earned the reputation throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland community for integrity in the delivery of auto body repair services. We deliver what you need in the manner in which you need it delivered – according to your needs, not our agenda. We might ask a question or two but for the most part, you talk and we’ll listen to your needs. Once we’ve listened, we will complete the job with integrity and skill – that’s our quality promise to you.

Drop by our shop – we can’t wait to put our quality promise to work for you.