Auto Insurance Tips

In British Columbia, you purchase your required coverages through ICBC. However, you can shop around for your optional coverages if you choose through an insurance broker or directly with the insurer themselves (e.g. Canadian Direct Insurance). Make sure you are fully covered on both your basic insurance coverage and your optional auto insurance...

Collision Repair FAQ

Yes, our paint team at Fairlane are experts in vehicle paint – types and colour. We take pride in our ability to carefully assess your paint’s finish and colour in making a terrific colour match. Our team then makes sure that the correct preparation to the vehicle’s surface is made to ensure a virtually seamless and undetectable finish is applied to the repair.

Autobody Repair Tips

We are happy to provide you with our detailed, written service contract and encourage you to know your own manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle. You may have come in for one specific auto body repair need, however we look beyond that item to ensure the overall safe, sound running of your vehicle. We should look beyond what you came to us for – that’s our job.

Auto Glass Repair Tips

Keep your distance: Rocks often get kicked up by vehicles we are following. Many glass repairs are precipitated by flying objects off of a vehicle driving in front of you. If you keep your distance when following vehicles, your reaction time is significantly improved when this does occur and gives you more opportunity to avoid the flying object.

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